About Me

My lil Cupcake chillin’ on a very warm summer day

In 2007, after three boys, my daughter was born.  I was never a girlie girl growing up so it took awhile for me to figure out what to do with a girl.  Once she started walking the fun began.  I finally started dressing her in cute outfits and could never find that perfect bow.  After a lot of tutorials and a lot of trial and error, I started making her bows.  I loved being able to match her outfits.  It was like a game matching the ribbon colors with her outfits.

She ended up having more bows than she could ever wear, I was obsessed.  I’d always had an obsession with ribbon, I can’t explain it but all the varieties always fascinated me.  I decided to try selling them in 2009 and here we are.  I’ve spent each year growing and changing and loving absolutely every minute of this amazing journey.  I am so grateful to my wonderful customers, thank you for allowing me to embark on this adventure.