Billy Elliot- My son’s latest play

Billy Elliot

I was finally able to attend my 15 year old son’s latest play Saturday night. He played a cop and a miner, I loved seeing him in the cop uniform. It was amazing! It’s always so nice to see the final production after hearing about it from him for the month of rehearsals.  And now it’s time to get back into our school routine.

Handmade Hair Streamers

Handmade Hair Streamers

I have finally got these handmade hair streamers listed!  I love how these look.  They are perfect for my daughter.  She has been wearing her emoji bow non stop since we took photos and now her new favorite is the strawberry streamers.  She wore nothing but the same headbands over and over again for the last few years, it is so nice seeing her wearing something different for a change!

You can click on the photo to see the listing.

Pink Little Sister Hair Streamer strawberry ponytail streamer Turquoise Stripe Ponytail Streamer

A New Amazing Chapter Began

September 26, 2009… A New Amazing Chapter Began

My new amazing chapter began nearly eight years ago, when my Lil’ Cupcake had just turned two. I had been making her hair accessories and my obsession was out of control. She had more than she could ever wear.  I was making them for every single outfit, none of which were interchangeable so some she only wore some of them once or twice before she outgrew the outfit. It started with hair bows, then headbands and tutus, my obsession kept growing.

 After making an offhanded comment that I should start selling them so I could keep making them, my son thought this was actually a good idea.  I got started on eBay, then I found Etsy and I was finally home!  I loved everything about Etsy, selling and shopping. The creativity I found was amazing.  I had always had an unexplained obsession with ribbon and now I actually had a reason to purchase it other than wrapping gifts.  I then decided to start my own website and here we are!