A Whole New Product Line!

Recently in the shop, a whole new product line has come into play. These 80-millimeter alligator clips, lined in several different types of ribbon, are the largest hair clips that CupcakesClipShop offers. Currently, they are sold in Stripes/Dots, Solid, Satin…and, all-new, glitter! 

That’s right! A new listing literally just dropped and the 80mm are now available in glitter! These hair clips are only available in partially lined and single-prong and they are a fantastic hair clip! I mostly use a light purple satin-lined one but I have, at one point, used all of them and I just love the size and look.

Make sure to go and check out the newest product line, also, make sure to stay tuned because there will be more, and not just in this type. Expect an update in the not-to-distant future! And you can find links and pictures to the 80mm hair clips below! Happy Clipping! 

Newest 80mm Alligator Clip. Now in glitter
 Satin Lined 80mm Alligator Clips!
Large Solid Hair Clips with Teeth
The 80mm Alligator Clip in solids!


And, last but not least, the 80mm alligator clip lined in dots/stripes. 

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