Large Velvet Lined 57mm Hair Clips, 2.25 Inch Alligator Clips


  • 57mm/2.25 inches
  • Partially or Fully Lined
  • Single Prong
  • With or Without No-Slip Grip


Large Velvet Lined 57mm Hair Clips

Large velvet-lined 57mm hair clips are a large size clip and work better for those with a lot of hair. Perfect to wear alone or add an embellishment. These fit most children and adults. Great for any occasion and can be made to match any outfit.

I line each clip with a 3/8″ velvet ribbon in your choice of colors. Each clip measures 2.25″ long and 3/8″ wide and can be either partially lined or fully lined. Fully lined covers the entire clip, partially lined leaves the bottom prong uncovered. I can add a no-slip grip to the top prong to help the clip stay in place. I only have these available in single prong.

Please, select colors from the color charts included.  I can also create a random mix of colors.

Thank you!


Mini Velvet Lined 35mm Hair Clips

Large Velvet Lined 57mm Hair Clips

Additional information

Weight .35 oz
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in