So Many New Clips!

Good Afternoon on this warm and sunny summer day! So, a new product--80mm Alligator clips lined in print ribbon--came out just yesterday. And here we are today, with another one! This is an uncommon event for two products to come out one after the next, but there was some free time this morning and last night and it was used to get another one ready to release!  So what is this newest product? Well, it's another addition to the 80mm product line that has just come out throughout the last couple of months. The 80mm alligator clip is now lined...Read More

Some New Extra-Large Satin Hair Clips

Today is an exciting day! An entirely new product has entered the shop earlier today, the first of several new products that are going to be arriving over the next few months. The new product is an 80mm flat satin-lined alligator clip in many colors.  These clips have fantastic hold for any hair length. I have short hair and these clips are great for holding my hair away from my face while I'm working. The teeth clamp onto your hair and can only be pulled off when you unclamp them using the 'jaws'.  My favorite clip is the light purple...Read More