The Greatest Christmas Accessories!


Hello guys! One of my favorite times of year is upon us, the holiday season, and my two favorite holidays. Christmas and New Years’. 

I love representing my two favorite holidays, and as I don’t have many festive clothes so I mostly wear holiday accessories. I seriously love wearing the cheery and festive hair accessories from CupcakesClipShop. Especially since there are so many headbands which are my favorite line of product. 

One of my favorites being the Candy Cane Stripe Hair Bow Headband (here) because of the precious hair bow ribbon pattern and the mini rhinestone. There are also some of the greatest hair bows in the world, I swear, with the cutest ribbons, especially when the hair bows are on headbands which is like combining my two favorite kinds of hair accessories.

What is even better is that all the products, not just the festive hair accessories, last a really long time and can be used over and over again for years to come. I actually have the Lavender Chiffon Flower Headband (here) which I’ve had for what must be seven years now, though it isn’t holiday-related. 

And if you want to just have a bit of festivity in your hair you can always just get some green, red, blue, even silver-grey hair accessories which are also perfect for the holly season. Or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you might celebrate Hanukkah which might go with the colors blue and white, and sometimes silver-grey. Even if you don’t celebrate any December holidays, or you celebrate one not mentioned here, there are still accessories for everyone and every occasion in every color you can think of!

Overall, I’m super excited that this time of year has arrived and I can finally start wearing my festive hair accessories again to match my decorated house. Happy Holidays! Happy December! Have a fantastic day!  You can check out our Instagram (here) and a direct link to CupcakesClipShop (here )

Lavender Chiffon Flower Headband

Candy Cane Stripe Hair Bow Headband

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