The Second New Product of 2021

It’s been just a week since the first product of an entirely new line became available. It was also the first new product of 2021, now we have the second. It is a 57mm satin lined alligator hair clip available in quite a few colors. 

There are, of course, already some 57mm alligator hair clips in the shop, lined in solid, print, etc, so it is not an entirely new line as the 80mm are, but it is the first time this hair clip has been lined in satin. It is available in partially-lined and fully-lined and grip is an option as well.

These hair clips are available in the shop now if you want to go check them out, I’ve been using one of the hair clips–in purple, of course–and it is a really great clip to use for my misbehaving hair.  

→ 57mm Satin Lined Alligator Clips

If you want to check out the newest product you can click the link above. And if you want to see the large alligator clip archive you can click the link below. 

Large Alligator Clip Archive

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