Welcoming in Summer with a New Product!

June is upon us; and to celebrate this month, a few days late. A new product has come out in the shop: Large  Print Lined 80mm Alligator Hair Clips. In other words, a newcomer to our brand-new line of 80mm sized hair clips. The 80mm, or 2.25 inch, hair clip is the largest clip we offer. And it came out just a few months ago, we’re still working on publishing all the new ribbons it’s lined in. 

The print is the most recent, of course, and it’s an amazing clip. I love all the hair clips, in all sizes and linings, but the print and the large-sized clip that’s perfect for my hair is just the cherry on top of a very deluxe sundae that’s growing all the time. There are more than thirty prints available for it to be lined in, including some that are perfect for the Fourth of July. 

I really hope you like this new product, along with the rest of them. Available in the shop now! Also, pictures featuring this clip can be found below, along with a link that will take you to the listing! 

Our Newest Product!!
These are just five out of many prints available!



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